Perhaps a better title to this class is Sunday Morning Bible Study. Because that is exaclty what we do, we study the Bible. Little to no commentary is used in the development of the Adult Sunday School Guides that are used in class. The Biblical topic or entire book being studied verse by verse, utilizes the King James Version (KJV) of the Bible. Other version used are the North American Standard Bible (NASB), New English Translation (NET), and the complete Jewish Bible. Depending on the topic being Biblical historical documents (Josephus or others) as well as Biblical archaeology may be used to clarify or deepen the understanding of the text.
The study guides are written utilizing the KJV and each verse is prayerful studied and discussed. Some Sunday mornings we may get through one verse other Sunday’s we may get through several verses. It recently took nearly two years to study the book of Revelation and when we began our study of the Passion Week (the week prior to the Crucifixion) it took a year for that study to conclude. We do not get in a hurry; we allow the Holy Spirit to led and guide us through the scriptures.
You may be asking yourself why have Sunday School at all, it seems so archaic. It is important to have a study of the Word and the more studying performed the stronger our relationship is to God. In the 1970’s a study in a northern city discovered when attendance to Sunday School was up the crime rate in that city was done. And the inverse is also true, when Sunday School attendance was low the crime rate was high. But that was 50 years ago, is Sunday School still relevant. The Bible commands us to “study and show thyself approved” (2 Timothy 2:15). Attending a God believing, and God based study group is one method of furthering our understanding of the scriptures. Try this for a clearer understanding of the role of Sunday School, the next time you are in Worship service and you have a question, raise your hand and ask the preacher for clarification or for an answer to your dilemma. Some preachers will stop, and answer and others will not stop. And the congregation may become annoyed for the interruption. But attend Sunday School and ask away, that is how we learn.