In today’s fast paced world with so many items vying for our attention and Satan attempting to distract us at every turn, it is nice to have a place to come to where even the youngest member of your household can feel like they belong. While you are being fed spiritually in ministries you need, your babies, infants and young toddlers will be cared for by a loving staff. While your youngest is in our nursery, they will be taken care of with as much love and attention as one of our own children. Your child will be monitored the entire time they are in our care. Their needs will be our top concern. You will be given a pager for the staff to contact you in case there is a need. You are never too far away from your child, and if the need arises that you need to sit with your child, the service is displayed on a TV in the room as well.
The nursery ministry is designed for your child’s protection and well being at the same time as allowing them to have fun in a Godly environment. While in our care, Christian songs and stories will be sung and told to them. Regularly, depending on the age of the child, short Bible stories are read and discussed to them so that the Godly instruction begins early. It is our belief, that children can learn of God even when they are infants. So short stories will be read to the children so you can be assured that even your youngest is hearing about the goodness of God. The ones that are sitting in the nursery have been selected for their love of children and their Godly personality. As a parent you are always welcome to sit in the class as well, but it is our hope that once you get to know us as a body of believers you will understand that we have the same desire toward your children as you do and that is to “train up a child in the way in which he should go,” (Proverbs 22:6).
We believe that training begins in the nursery.